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Automated Personal Finance Tracker Notion Template

Keeping track of expenses for your personal finances where you can plan a budget, keep track of transactions and have monthly reports are some of the features that the Personal Finance Template in Notion allows you. You can now stop using those templates in Excel to keep track of your finances with your expenses and […]

Notion Basics One to One

Notion Basics One to One is a two hour video live session that will help anyone to understand the basics on how Notion works with all the possibilities around it. You may know someone you want to help improving their life getting them into Notion to really understand how it works and make that mind […]

Schools and Teachers Notion Templates System

Save hundreds of hours with the Schools and Teachers Notion Templates System and focus in what is really important, Teaching. Stop wasting hours and hours keeping track of dates, absenses, late students, homeworks, grades, and averages. This Notion System for Teachers and Schools will work for you and do everything automatically. Schools and Teachers Notion […]

Notion template for self employed Freelancers and Companies

*Completely Updated. Video at the end of the post. I created this Notion template for self employed Freelancers and Companies with one goal, to save time and save money. The idea in mind of having a complete solution that will let me run my small business and be in control of every aspect of it. […]

Notion Tasks and Subtasks Template

The Notion Tasks and Subtasks Template will help you organise everything you need to do for your personal or business projects and to have different views showing exactly what you need to work on next. Notion Tasks and Subtasks Template Views Includes ready to use multiple views that you can duplicate and add them to […]

Sex Life Notion Template

The Sex Life Notion Template and Calendar will help you track your sex life for the complete year. Track dates, protection, if you want to repeat and how the sex experience was. The sex progress database will show you the number of sexual encounters you had per month and how well you are doing to […]

Notion Debt Template

This Notion Debt Template will help you understand how screwed you are showing your total debt, how much you will pay during the year and how much the debt will be next year. The idea is to push you to work harder this year or cry. Debt Totals This database will store all the main […]

Notion Headings Template

This Free Notion Headings Template will save you time and that is expensive. 10 colors for each one of the 16 available Notion Headings gives you 160 Blocks ready to duplicate and use in any Notion Dashboard or Page you want. Just 3 steps. 1- Duplicate a Block. 2- Drag and Drop or Move it […]