Notion template for self employed Freelancers and Companies

Notion template for self employed Freelancers and Companies

I created this Notion template for self employed Freelancers and Companies with one goal, save money. The idea in mind of having a complete solution that will let me run my small business and be in control of every aspect of it.

The complete system uses 9 databases that talk to each other with the intention to cover all the needs I have to manage clients, projects, tasks, economy and have immediate access to everything.

Freelancer Notion Template

– Manage Projects per company and country
– Centralized information for the Projects
– Manage Tasks per Project
– Create automated Invoices with tax per company and country based
– Have a record of deductible expenses for IRS
– Have a complete balance between invoices, expenses and income
– Have in hand all Tax information
– Billing system to understand and know how much can I actually spend

If you work as Freelance or have a small Company and you are looking for an easy way to manage clients, projects, tasks, invoices, pay taxes and know how much money you are actually earning, this Notion template will help you to save hundreds of hours managing your business with automatic calculations between the related databases.

You don’t use Notion yet? Open an account, it is free!

I will break up how everything works into pieces so it is easier to digest and understand why this Notion Template is a solution for any small or big company, freelancer, self employed, youtubers, influencers, etc…

Notion Databases

This are the 9 automated databases included in the Notion template for self employed Freelancers and Companies.

Countries Notion Template Database

Countries Notion Template Database

This database is for covering 2 essential things.

1- Countries
2- Tax, Fiscal Retention and IRS per country

A list with all the countries you want to add using a flag icon with the TAX, Fiscal Retention (IRPF) and IRS you have to charge and pay in each country. You will need to have this information in hand to edit the formulas accordingly.

In the example you can see in Spain you have to charge 21% Tax, minus 15% Fiscal Retention and a 10% for IRS. This only works if you are in Spain, charging to another company (not person) in Spain and the same applies to all other countries.

You will need to have all this information based in your country for this setup to work as expected.

Connection: Companies
Is related to the Companies Database, so each company will use the proper IRS information when creating an invoice.

Companies Notion Template Database

Companies Notion Template Database

The Companies database will include all the main information you will need from a company.

Company name, website, contact email, phone number, address and VAT number.

Connection: Countries, Contacts, Projects
Each company is related to a country for location and IRS information, Contacts to have the direct communication person from the company and Projects for that company.

Contacts Notion Template Database

Contacts Notion Template Database

This database will be your Address Book with all your contacts for different projects and companies. A complete CRM in Notion that is connected directly to the companies and projects that will let you get in touch with any contact and the main information for each person. Name, direct email, phone number, photo and position.

Connection: Companies, Projects
Your contacts are related to companies and projects to have always the correct person to contact.

Projects Notion Template Database

Projects Notion Template Database

The Projects database will let you manage all your personal or clients projects in an easy way. Every project has their Associated Tasks, Information Page, Type of project, related company, contact, the status and lets you manage all the information for each one of them as needed in one place with easy access.

Connection: Companies, Contacts and Tasks
Each project is related to a company a contact and tasks for the project.

Tasks Notion Template Database

Tasks Notion Template Database

This is the complete Tasks database with pending or completed tasks per Project with the assigned Due Date for each one of them.

Connection: Projects
The Tasks are related to the Projects Database so you can see and display the related Tasks for each Project.

Invoices Notion Template Database

Invoices Notion Template Database

Here you can create Invoices per Company, add the unitary price and the date for the invoice. Everything else will be calculated automatically.

1- Add Invoice Number
2- Select Company
3- Enter Unitary Price
4- Select Date


Country, Tax by Country, Fiscal retention by Country, Total, IRS and Earned money are populated and calculated automatically.

15 seconds! You now have all the information necessary for each invoice and everything will be automatically calculated in Deduction and Earnings databases with only selecting the invoice number.

Connection: Companies, Projects
When you assign a Company and Unitary Price to an Invoice, Notion will add automatically the Country, Tax, Fiscal retention, IRS per country and your Total Earnings.

Expenses Notion Template Database

Expenses Notion Template Database

A database to have all the expenses you have by date and with the proper TAX. The idea of this database is for expenses that you can actually use for deduction when paying taxes.

Connection: Invoices
All the expenses are directly connected to the Invoices so the next database can do the magic.

Deduction Notion Template Database

Deduction Notion Template Database

This database will calculate a balance between invoices and expenses, giving you the total to pay for TAX, IRS and how much are you actually earning as an income.

Connection: Invoices, Expenses
Connected directly to invoices and Expenses to make the necessary math and know how much money you are actually earning.

Earnings Notion Template Database

Earnings Notion Template Database

This database shows the final balance with the total sum of invoices, the real earnings, a percentage for savings and how much you can actually spent in things, like beers. :)

Everything by month to know exactly how is your income going.

Connection: Invoices
It is connected to the invoices database to calculate the real money you are allowed to spend by month.

Important Things To Know

• Home Page / Dashboard
There is no Home Page / Dashboard.

Including a Dashboard or Home page with my needs will only confuse and lead others to think this template has to be used that way in a limited way. It is not.

The 9 databases are really specific for the needs of each person, company and country. You can create any kind of Home Page showing information in different formats and views.

– Direct access to databases
– Total income per month
– Total income per year
– Tasks per client, personal, project or combined.
– Pending or completed tasks.
– Clients Projects
– Personal Projects
– Projects by Country
– Active or inactive projects
– Frequent contacts
– Companies
– Total Expenses
– Tax to pay
– Total Savings

And you name it.

It has everything so you can create your unique Welcome Page or Dashboard to include and show exactly what you need.

If you are one of the first 100 to pre-order, please see “Integration” below.

• Formulas
Each country taxes are different. You will need to add your own IRS percentages based in your country. All formulas are included, you only have to copy and paste them to then modify country and TAX information. You can have as many countries as you need.

Just setup and everything else is automated.

• Integration
Build any Notion dashboard you need, modify included formulas or integrate with other databases you may have.

• Affiliates
If you are interested to become an affiliate, please get in touch.

• Download Link
After purchase, you are not allowed to share your special personalised download link.

Download Freelancer Notion Template

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