Notion Tasks and Subtasks Template

Notion Tasks and Subtasks Template

The Notion Tasks and Subtasks Template will help you organise everything you need to do for your personal or business projects and to have different views showing exactly what you need to work on next.

Notion Tasks and Subtasks Template Views

Includes ready to use multiple views that you can duplicate and add them to any page you need in your Notion setup.

Incomplete Tasks – To Do

Incomplete Tasks

This view shows the Incomplete Main Tasks, Due Date, Subtasks under each main task and the Progress of the completed Subtasks. Once all subtasks of a main tasks are completed, the main task is marked as completed automatically and disappears from the view.

When you open a Main task you will have all subtasks associated just to that task listed in a table and ready to check when done. That way you can focus in one Main Task without distractions.

Incomplete Subtasks – To Do

Incomplete Subtasks

This view shows all the incomplete Subtasks in a list with their parent task. Add as many as needed and select the Main Tasks for them.

Completed Main Tasks

Completed Main Tasks

This view shows the completed Main Tasks. When all sub tasks from a main task are completed, the Main Task will appear in this view automatically.

Completed Subtasks

Completed Subtasks

This view shows all the completed Subtasks and the Main Task as reference.

Main Tasks and Subtasks Database

Main Tasks and Subtasks

This is the original complete Tasks and Subtasks database in the default view with no filters.

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4 replies
      • Mark
        Mark says:

        Ah, got it. Thanks, Peter.
        Question… I have a master “action items” DB. Can the “Tasks DB” & “Subtasks” DBs be incorporated into that? Or would both of those need to be completely separate from my existing “action items” DB?
        Would my huge “actions items” DB need to be gobbled up by the “Tasks DB”?

        Thanks sir

        • Peter
          Peter says:

          Cool :)

          If your action items are your current tasks and you want to replace that with tasks and sub tasks, the easiest is to transfer everything to the new one or modify yours based on the new one. Both ways can be done.


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