Automated Personal Finance Tracker Notion Template

Keeping track of expenses for your personal finances where you can plan a budget, keep track of transactions and have monthly reports are some of the features that the Personal Finance Template in Notion allows you.

You can now stop using those templates in Excel to keep track of your finances with your expenses and income, the Notion Personal Finance Template intelligently shows you the flow of all your money.

Video presentation and template guide

In the video you can learn how the personal finance system in Notion works, the different options it offers, the automatic views for dates and the databases to extend the template.

Personal Finance Dashboard

Dashboard for Personal Finance

The dashboard presents a global vision of accounting and your finances in different sections. You can see immediately, dynamically and in real time the status of your accounts, the expenses in your categories and the balance for every month of the year.

It is an intelligent control panel that always shows updated information, you know if your accounts are positive, neutral or negative, you have the current month’s expenses by category, the current month’s expenses and their status, all months of the current year and all expenses for the year in each one of the categories.

All sections are updated automatically without the need to select dates, the system knows what month and year you are in to display the information correctly.

Below you will find details of each of the sections that make up the Dashboard of the Personal Finance Notion Template.

Create new expenses and income

Create Movements in Personal Finance Notion

Instantly create new income or expenses that you have in your accounts with one click.

Current Balance in Accounts

Account Balances in Personal Finance Notion

It shows you the status of your accounts in real time, to know the balance you have in each of them, whether it is positive, neutral or negative.

Expenses by Category this Month

Current Month Expenses by Category in Personal Finance Notion

Discover in which categories you are spending money in the current month dynamically, only categories with expenses made in the current month are shown, if there are no expenses in a category, they are not shown.

Expenses this Month

Current Month Expenses in Personal Finance Notion

The total spent in the current month, the system makes the necessary calculations between accounts, income and expenses to know exactly how much you have spent this month and to know if the monthly balance is positive, neutral or negative.

Expenses per month this year

Annual Expenses per Month in Personal Finance Notion

A global view with all the months of the current year, where you can know your monthly expenses for the entire year month by month.

Expenses by Category this Year

Annual Expenses by Category in Personal Finance Notion

An annual summary where you can see the total amounts you spent in each of the categories in the current year.

Transaction History by Account

Transaction History by Account in Notion Personal Finance

View the details of all the transactions you have made in each of your bank, cash or credit card accounts in chronological order to know the latest movements and all of them. A centralized view with all your income and expenses by account.

Transaction History by Category

Transaction History by Category in Notion Personal Finance

Discover the expenses made in each of the categories and decide if it is time to start saving money and avoid unnecessary expenses in any of them.

Transaction History by Month

Transaction History by Month in Notion Personal Finance

Analyze your expenses and income globally month by month. All accounts, all expenses and all income in each of the months of the year.

Finance control from your mobile phone

Personal Finance Mobile Template

Enter from your cell phone to instantly create expenses or income without distractions. It adapts perfectly to mobile phones and tablets so that with a single touch you can create new transactions.

Databases in the Personal Finance Notion Template

This are the main databases that run the system to show everything in realtime and current dates.


Establish different bank, cash or credit card accounts to keep track of the balance, income and expenses in each of them.


It allows you to create individual income in each of the different accounts you have.


It allows you to create expenses and establish where that money comes from by simply selecting one of the accounts, the amount and which category it belongs to.


Identify all your expenses to know the different categories in the ones you spend money on.

Monthly Finance Calendar

Review your monthly expenses and income to identify where you are spending and where your income comes from each month of the year.

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