Schools and Teachers Notion Templates System

Save hundreds of hours with the Schools and Teachers Notion Templates System and focus in what is really important, Teaching.

Stop wasting hours and hours keeping track of dates, absenses, late students, homeworks, grades, and averages. This Notion System for Teachers and Schools will work for you and do everything automatically.

Schools and Teachers Notion Templates System

Schools and Teachers Notion Templates System

With over 500 views, 20 databases, 200 relations and the complete year calendar, this Notion templates system for Teachers and Schools will work for you doing all the necessary calculations and will let you have a granular control over everything related to your Students and classroom.

The complete 2023 and 2024 school calendar is already available so you only have to select the date for each event, like exams, homeworks, absences, lateness, comments, etc…

Join other teachers and start saving at least 10 hours per week with this Notion Templates System for Teachers and Schools.


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Main Dashboard

Today View

Live Calendar icon

A dynamically up to date calendar icon showing you today’s date. Available in 17 different time Zones, covering the complete world.

Today’s View

The main welcome Notion Dashboard shows you the current day with everything ready only to select what is needed and complete the daily tasks as a Teacher.

No Homework
Next Homework
Today’s Birthdays

Each date will be showed automatically, you don’t have to change dates everyday or select new views. Everything will be ready for you every single day for the whole year.

Just select who is absent, who is late and who missed the homework. DONE!

Week Overview

Week Overview

This view shows the extended information of the “Today’s View”, letting you review the complete week, assign homework, see absences and lateness stats, upcoming birthdays and no homework per student.

Student’s Overview

Students Overview

A complete overview of the classroom showing you every student’s most important information.

• Name
• Classroom / Group
• Birthday
• Zodiac Sign
• Generation
• Absent Times
• Late Times
• Number of Comments
• Number of Missed Homeworks

In the Student’s View, with 30 ready to edit profiles, you have a quick look at the relevant information for all the students in the classroom and just clicking on any student’s name, it shows their complete profile.

Yearly Exam Calendar

Exams Years Calendar

With 144 exams already configured, you have the complete school calendar ready to just select any month and start scheduling exams.

Monthly Exam Calendar

Months Exams Calendar

Just select the Exam Subject and Exam Date you will assign for any of the already programmed 12 exams per month.

Everything is automated for you just to select and it’s done!

Grading Calendar

Grading Calendar

The grading Notion system will always show you the current month at the top of the page with the already assigned exams for you to select which one of them you are going to grade.

Below the current month, you have the complete year ready just to select the desired month of the school calendar.

Single Exam Grading

Single Exam Grading

144 pages per student ready to select an Exam and add the grade, done. These are 4,320 grading pages ready only to add the grade for each one of the exams.

Classroom Grades

Classroom Grades

This automatically shows a complete overview of the Classroom Grades. It calculates the average per Exam subject, per Student, and for the complete Classroom.

Attendance Statistics

Attendance Statistics

A full Attendance overview to see the absence and lateness statistics. Two tables showing the students absences and tardies with exact calendar dates.

Homework Statistics

Homework Statistics

This will let you know how many times you already assigned a subject for Homework and keep a balance in the topics.

Birthdays Calendar

Birthdays Calendar

Never miss a student’s birthday. In this calendar, you can see the birthdays there will be in the next 30 days. You don’t have to change months or dates, everything will be automatically updated for you.

Student Profile

Student Profile

The complete student’s profiles showing all the information in one place.

• Full Name
• Classroom
• Age
• Birthday
• Zodiac Sign
• Generation

• Absent Days
The dates the student was absent to School.

• Late Days
The dates the student was late to School.

• Missed Homework
The dates the student did not bring Homework.

• Comments
Comments to identify important information for each student. When they have bad performance, were into a fight, had great focus, they have allergy, or any relevant information you need to write about the student and keep track of it.

• Trimester Grades
The student grades averaged by subject and by trimester. Select a trimester and see the complete grades average per exam and subject.

• Yearly Grades
See the student grades average for the complete year by subject.

Get The Schools and Teachers Notion Templates System

You will need to have ready:
– The student’s Name, Last name, Photo and Birthday.
– Exams Subjects.
– Homework Topics.

Everything else is automated.


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