Notion calendar icon

After some testings, I now have a working up to date Notion calendar icon. This means that it will always shows you the current day in your Time Zone.

Notion page dynamic calendar icon

Notion page calendar icon

You can use it as a main Notion Page icon, as a Notion block at any size you want or as a Notion Callout icon. All of them available in 17 time zones, the complete world!

Having an up to date calendar icon in any Notion page is actually pretty cool. You can associate all your calendar tasks, birthdays, events in your single Today or This week Notion page section.

Notion Block and Callout dynamic calendar icon

Notion Block and Callout calendar icon

The main problem with this type of scripts are the Time Zones, because it depends on a Web Server to work and the date used to display is pulled from the server settings and not your actual local time zone. That multiplied for 17 time zones , complicates a bit the things.

I came up with two different ways to offer this dynamic Notion calendar icon to everyone that wants it.

Keep in mind web servers (hosting) are needed for this to work and offer this to thousands of people involves a cost.

Here is an example:

If 100 people per time zone uses this dynamic Notion calendar icon and open their Notion app five times a day, it gives us the following math.

100 users x 17 time zones = 1700 people x 5 times a day = 8500 requests.

That is 8500 daily requests to the web server with those small numbers, just do the math and see how things can escalate quickly with more than 100 users and more than 5 times a day.

Because of that, this is what I came up with so everyone can benefit and use a dynamic Notion calendar icon in any time zone they need for free.

Notion calendar icon options

Notion calendar icon

Package 1 – Free
Free for all Notion Answers registered and active users with more than 1000 points.

Just for registering you already get points and you can earn more points uploading your avatar, opening a question, answering others questions, commenting questions and other comments, or voting up and down questions and comments.

With this I will avoid having just zombie users that only go there for the freebie. The idea is also to grow the Notion community and help us each other. Giving this for free to the users that help I believe is a really good deal for everyone.

Sounds fair?

It is free, easy, quick and you are getting help or helping other Notion users.

Go: Notion calendar icons page.

Package 2 – 30€ (Not available yet)
You want this for yourself and thats it. You don’t care about the community, you don’t have any questions and you don’t want to help other Notion users.

Then this is for you.

I will install the script in your server with any time zone you need for your personal use. It will not affect if the time zone in your server is different, which usually is, I will set up everything in your server for you with the time zone you ask for.

After paying you will receive the instructions to follow so I can install the script for you.

Of course you need to have a hosting service active for this to work and if you have a website, you already are paying for one.

If you can’t wait for this to be available and want it now no matter what, get in touch here, I will install it in your server in less than 24 hrs for 100€.

Package 3 – Both
You just want to help. You will use the free hosted version and help growing the Notion community, but also want to help a bit to cover some of the costs. Thank you.

You can share your thoughts in the comments below and reach me at @polle in Twitter or any social you can see at the top of the page.

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