Notion Headings Template

Notion Headings Template

This Free Notion Headings Template will save you time and that is expensive.

10 colors for each one of the 16 available Notion Headings gives you 160 Blocks ready to duplicate and use in any Notion Dashboard or Page you want.

Just 3 steps.
1- Duplicate a Block.
2- Drag and Drop or Move it to any Page.
3- Enjoy.

Included in Notion Headings Template

Default Space H1
Default Space H2
Default Space H3

Big Space H1
Big Space H2
Big Space H3

Default Text Block
Bold Text Block

H1 Equation
H2 Equation
H3 Equation

Default Callouts
Bold Callouts


Default space Quote
Big space Quote

The Notion Headings Template is completely free, but keep in mind my dog likes to eat. Please consider the fair price :)

Download Notion Headings Template

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