All in one Events Notion Template

Events Notion Template

This Events Notion Template will help you as a reminder and to track any recurring events with different time ranges during the years. Events today, events Next week, Events next month or any time range you need. A complete Notion content calendar template.

Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, subscriptions, medical, pets and any recurring event you can imagine and want to be reminded for. It includes 5 different databases for five main categories that show specific information for each one of them, but you can add as many categories as you need by just duplicating and adjusting any database as needed.

Events Notion Template Databases

Events 7 Days

All databases include formulas that calculate everything automatically and display the relevant information you need in any of the available Notion Views you choose.

Enter the main information and forget about it, the system will tell you upcoming events for all categories during the complete year.


Events Birthdays

Just add the birth date and everything else will be calculated automatically by formulas to show the following.

– Next Birthday Date
– Years Old
– Zodiac Sign
– Generation

You can choose which birthdays to see in any date range you want. Birthdays today, next week, next month or the complete year.


Events Subscriptions

Track your monthly and yearly subscriptions with unitary price, yearly cost and when is the next day you will be charged to pay the bill.


Events Expenses

You may have recurring expenses that does not fit under the Subscriptions category. For example renew Domain names, pay for your Website Hosting or renew an online specific service.

I like to be reminded when I will be charged for this extra expenses and you can also have the unitary price, yearly cost and separate them as monthly or yearly.


Events Clients

If you offer any kind of service that you charge your clients monthly or yearly, you can have the reminders for today, next week or next month and know exactly when the invoices need to be sent.

General Events

Events General

Just the day of the event with no extra information. Wedding Anniversary, Boyfriend and Girlfriend Anniversary, Medical health checks, Pets Vaccines and every single event where you just need to be reminded and see the date.

The possibilities are endless with this Events Notion Template and the included databases. Use it with any Notion View in any way you decide for your recurring events and add as many categories as you want to suit your needs.

Add any view you need in your main Notion Dashboard or pages with any time range you want to be notified. The template includes 30 views ready to be duplicated and dragged to any Notion page.

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