Notion Evolution Templates and Videos

Notion Evolution Templates and Videos

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The Notion Evolution Templates and Videos will help you understand how Notion works and manage anything you need. 20 Notion Templates and Databases with 20 videos explaining each one of them, how they work, how to use them, and the included formulas. A complete walk through that will teach you how things work.

If you are the kind of person who likes to have total control over every aspect of your life and business, this Notion System is for you. You can call it a Notion Course with all the material ready to use.

20 Notion Evolution Templates and Videos

• Notion Dashboard
• Quotes
• Subscriptions
• Birthdays
• Collect
• Recurring Expenses
• General Events
• Earnings
• Balance
• Calendar

• Countries
• Companies
• Team
• Contacts
• Projects
• Tasks
• Invoices
• Suppliers
• Expenses
• Deduction

The Notion Evolution Templates and Videos is a completely integrated system where all databases talk to each other, showing you always what it is important for you. Here is a brief description of each one of the included Notion templates and databases.

Main Notion Dashboard

This page is intended to be the place to start your day, you can have any kind of information and display any of the 20 included databases.

– Direct access to important external or internal links and other Notion pages.
– A quick Drop Zone for information and Reminders.
– Your local weather and a random quote from the Quotes database.
– Any or all of the 20 databases.

Quotes Notion Database

A Quotes database to display a random Quote each day in your main Dashboard. You can have as many quotes as you want and the formulas will make the rest.

Subscriptions Notion Database

Events Subscriptions
Store all your subscriptions information and display only the upcoming subscriptions to pay in the Notion Dashboard.

Birthdays Notion Database

Events Birthdays
Just enter the birth date and you will get the next birthday date, years old, zodiac sign and generation. Everything calculated by formulas.

Collect Notion Database

Never forget when you have to collect some money. With this database you will get reminders for everything you need to collect in the next week or month.

Recurring Expenses Notion Database

There are some recurring expenses that are not considered subscriptions. Paying for a domain name every year, pay for your hosting monthly or any recurring expense you have. Be reminded when is the next day to pay for those expenses in any date range you need.

General Events Notion Database

Anniversaries, Medical checks, Veterinary visits and any general event you need to be reminded for.

Calendar Notion Database

A yearly calendar that lets you have everything organised by month.

Countries Notion Database

Countries Notion Template Database
For clients and companies to have the tax, fiscal retention and IRS per country.

Companies Notion Database

Companies Notion Template Database
Company name, website, contact email, phone number, address and VAT number to have a complete database for companies you work with.

Team Notion Database

Your team to assign tasks and being able to see what are they working on.

Contacts Notion Database

Contacts Notion Template Database
Your Address Book with all your contacts for different projects and companies.

Projects Notion Database

Projects Notion Template Database
All your projects, personal or profesional fits here. Everything associates to the tasks and company databases.

Tasks Notion Database

Tasks Notion Template Database
Manage the tasks for all your projects.

Invoices Notion Database

Invoices Notion Template Database
Related to companies, where you just need to select the company, enter the unitary price and everything else is calculated thanks to the country database.

Earnings Notion Database

Earnings Notion Template Database
The complete earnings you are actually making per month.

Expenses Notion Database

Expenses Notion Template Database
Track all your expenses in one single place.

Suppliers Notion Database

A list of supplier for the common and repeated ones you have expenses in.

Deduction Notion Database

Deduction Notion Template Database
This database calculates your invoices, earnings and expenses to tell you how much you have to pay to the IRS and how much you are actually earning after taxes.

Balance Notion Database

Calculate everything from the final earnings amount and removes the expenses to let you know exactly how much you have in your balance.

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I want to talk to you and understand your needs, help you with your setups and have all the related information to improve everything before launching it to the world.

Early access starts on March. Get your spot before it is gone!
You will receive an email on March with a link for the early access.

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